IMPORTANT NOTICE REGARDING THE AFFORDABLE CONNECTIVITY PROGRAM (ACP): ACP will end April 2024! After ACP ends, your internet or cell phone bill will increase by up to $30 unless you cancel or change your plan. Please contact your provider if you have additional questions.

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Your household has an income below 200% of the federal poverty line.
  • You or anyone in your household uses: 
  • If you have a student that receives free or reduced priced meals in a qualified CEP district, you automatically qualify for ACP.
  • No. The name on your internet bill must match the name on your ACP application. However, you are still able to qualify through a child or dependent enrolled in any federal assistance programs.
  • Only one monthly service discount and one device discount is allowed per household.
  • You are only allowed one ACP benefit per household, not per person
  • You can only use ACP benefits for one service. ACP benefits can be applied to both internet and phone, but must be applied to one service at a time, not both. 
  • If you do not share income, you and your roommate are counted as separate households, despite sharing housing. For example, four (4) roommates who live together but do not share money are registered as four (4) separate households.
  • No. Please note that only one ACP benefit and one device discount are allowed per household.
  • No. The rules, which are meant to encourage greater consumer choice, also prevent providers from running credit checks to determine which ACP-supported internet plan a household can apply their benefit to or restrict the type of plan available to a household based on their credit.
  • No. The ACP benefit is a monthly discount off an internet service offering, including taxes and other governmental fees. The Commission’s Order also allows the benefit to be applied to monthly rental costs for associated equipment.
  • Launched in early 2022, the program offers eligible households up to a $30 discount on their monthly internet bill, or potentially free on selective plans ($75 for households on qualifying Tribal lands). ACP households are also eligible for a one-time $100 discount when buying a laptop or tablet from participating providers.
  • The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) administers the $14 billion ACP, which provides up to $30 monthly ($75 on Tribal lands) to low-income households for use toward the monthly cost of a broadband connection.
  • Applying online for the ACP may result in immediate approval. However, in cases where automatic eligibility confirmation is not possible, additional documentation may be required for review. If applicants choose to apply by mail, they should expect a longer processing time due to the postal service’s involvement.

Solano Connected FAQs

  • Solano Connected is an initiative started by Tech Exchange in collaboration with Solano County in efforts to end the Digital Divide, county-wide. Solano Connected is here as a resource to assist with digital skills training, tech-related questions, and enrollment in free/low cost home internet services. 
  • Basic Computer Operation: Learn how to navigate and utilize your computer effectively
  • Internet Browsing: Discover the vast world of information available online
  • Email Communication: Master the art of sending and receiving emails
  • Document Creation and Editing: Gain essential skills for creating and formatting documents
  • Job Searching and Resume Building: Equip yourself with the tools to seek employment and create impressive resumes
  • Accessing Educational Resources: Unlock educational opportunities and resources.
  • Online Healthcare Support: Learn to access medical information and Telehealth services
  • Solano County Health & Social Services Building Rotating schedule, First week of each month (1:00pm – 3:00pm)

For additional support please call (707)784-2811 or email [email protected]

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