IMPORTANT NOTICE REGARDING THE AFFORDABLE CONNECTIVITY PROGRAM (ACP): ACP will end April 2024! After ACP ends, your internet or cell phone bill will increase by up to $30 unless you cancel or change your plan. Please contact your provider if you have additional questions.

Our Services

At Solano Connected, we believe everyone should have access to technology. We offer many services to help families and communities. Here's what we provide:

  • Free Computers: We give out computers that have been refurbished and made like new
  • Tech Help: If you have questions or problems with your computer, we offer free tech support
  • Classes: We teach people how to use computers and how to browse the internet
  • Internet Access: We help families get connected to the internet at home at a reduced cost
  • Community Support: We work with the community to help close the digital divide

Remember, technology is for everyone. And we're here to make sure you have what you need!

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