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Education & Training Subcommittee Meeting

Dec 13 2023

9:00 am Virtual Meeting


The Education and Training Subcommittee within our Solano Connected program plays a crucial role in fulfilling our mission and vision. As part of Tech Exchange’s commitment to bridging the digital divide in Solano County, this subcommittee focuses on providing educational resources and training opportunities to empower individuals with essential digital skills.

Our mission at Tech Exchange is to ensure that all families in Solano County have access to computers, internet connectivity, and the necessary technology skills to enhance their lives. Through the Solano Connected initiative, we strive for digital equity by offering services and programs that promote equal access to internet services for all residents.

The Education and Training Subcommittee aligns with this mission by developing initiatives that enable individuals to confidently navigate online education, employment opportunities, health resources, financial services, and civic engagement. By eliminating barriers caused by the digital divide through education and training efforts, we aim to create a digitally proficient community where everyone can fully participate in today’s interconnected world.

Our vision is a digitally proficient Solano County community where every individual has equal access to technology resources. Through fostering a culture of digital inclusion and empowerment via our services and programs under the Solano Connected initiative, we aspire to create an environment where all residents can thrive in the digital age.

In summary, the Education and Training Subcommittee works towards equipping individuals with essential digital skills while eliminating barriers caused by limited access. By doing so, we contribute towards creating an inclusive community where everyone has equal opportunities for success in today’s interconnected world


  • Focus on providing digital literacy and skills training to individuals who may not have previous exposure to technology. Develop programs to bridge the digital skills gap and empower individuals to fully participate in the digital world
  • Partner with local school districts to offer digital skills training programs for students and their families, leveraging their existing infrastructure and expertise in education.
  • Engage community organizations, such as libraries or community centers, to host training sessions and provide access to technology resources.
  • Promote and Offer Tech Support services to residents and families.
  • Committee members meet once a month to work and execute projects.
December 12, 2023
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