IMPORTANT NOTICE REGARDING THE AFFORDABLE CONNECTIVITY PROGRAM (ACP): ACP will end April 2024! After ACP ends, your internet or cell phone bill will increase by up to $30 unless you cancel or change your plan. Please contact your provider if you have additional questions.

We have financial statements and 990 Reports that have been completed each year by our Treasurer/CPA. However, the cost for audited financial statements ranges between $5,000 and $7,000 which has been prohibitive for a small agency such as ours. We do not have audited financial statements. Does this disqualify us from consideration for this funding opportunity?

It should not disqualify you but please be sure to state this in your response. Please submit any of your latest audited financials as requested in the RFP. (*Please refer to page 7 of the financial statements description in Attachment A.)

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