IMPORTANT NOTICE REGARDING THE AFFORDABLE CONNECTIVITY PROGRAM (ACP): ACP will end April 2024! After ACP ends, your internet or cell phone bill will increase by up to $30 unless you cancel or change your plan. Please contact your provider if you have additional questions.

What kind of digital skills training does Solano Connected assist with?

  • Basic Computer Operation: Learn how to navigate and utilize your computer effectively
  • Internet Browsing: Discover the vast world of information available online
  • Email Communication: Master the art of sending and receiving emails
  • Document Creation and Editing: Gain essential skills for creating and formatting documents
  • Job Searching and Resume Building: Equip yourself with the tools to seek employment and create impressive resumes
  • Accessing Educational Resources: Unlock educational opportunities and resources.
  • Online Healthcare Support: Learn to access medical information and Telehealth services
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