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Digital Skills Classes

Are you or family members seeking to enhance your digital skills, empowering you to unlock new opportunities in education, job searching, healthcare, and more? Look no further! We offer comprehensive Digital Skills Classes designed to equip you with the essential computer skills you need. Join us on an exciting journey to become digitally proficient and gain access to a world of possibilities.
Digital Skill Class Session

Course Overview

  • Basic Computer Operation: Learn how to navigate and utilize your computer effectively
  • Internet Browsing: Discover the vast world of information available online
  • Email Communication: Master the art of sending and receiving emails
  • Document Creation and Editing: Gain essential skills for creating and formatting documents
  • Job Searching and Resume Building: Equip yourself with the tools to seek employment and create impressive resumes
  • Accessing Educational Resources: Unlock educational opportunities and resources.
  • Online Healthcare Support: Learn to access medical information and Telehealth services

Our Digital Skills Classes provide an 8-hour course over the span of 4 days (2 hours per day) to accommodate your schedule. Once all 4 classes are complete, you are eligible to receive a FREE laptop. Contact us at [email protected] for registration info or check our home page for our locations!


Upcoming Classes

Family receiving laptop

Digital Divide Inclusion

At Tech Exchange, we tackle one of the most pressing issues of our time: the digital divide. Millions of families are left on the wrong side of the divide, unable to access the opportunities that come with technology. We believe that access to technology is not a luxury; it's a fundamental right. That's why we're dedicated to connecting these unconnected families by repurposing computers.

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